Thursday, April 24, 2008


The good news? Spring has arrived- in earnest! The bad news? So have all the viruses!

Nolan has has a cold for the past 3 weeks (with a fever for five days), and checking in with the pediatrician simply informed us that he had a "virus." He seemed to be turning the corner, and then I took out his hearing aids yesterday. The left ear has developed a chronic yellow crust from drainage. That CANNOT be good. Off to call the pediatrician to see if we can get in before our trip to Buffalo today!

We pick up earmolds today (set number 8??) at BHSC. Nolan's growth finally seems to be slowing, so hopefully the earmold trips will slow accordingly! The end of April seems to be rather busy for us. Earmolds today, InfantSEE exam tomorrow, ASL lessons on Monday (part of my obsession with learning about EVERY option for deaf/hoh kids), and the post-operative exam for the tymp. tubes on the 30th of April. With rising fuel prices, we're trying to keep those trips to Buffalo to a minimum.

In the meantime, we are trying to spend every waking hour out of doors in the glorious sun. Nolan has taken to the park quite nicely, though he mostly watches Matthew from the sidelines. I am in the midst of planning a summer full of activities for both boys. The Herschell Carrousel Museum looks interesting, as does the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester. Good weather rocks!

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