Thursday, October 4, 2012

Time Flies

I can't believe how fast time flies in October. There are so many fun things to do, and the weather is usually pretty decent. I feel like we blink and then November arrives with all its gray glory.

Nolan is doing extremely well. We have the nighttime feeds down to a science, though we have still had a few rough nights with Nolan waking frequently. He slept through the night last night (with the exception of falling out of bed once), which was a relief. His dimples are definitely making a return - you can see one in the picture above. I love it.

He hasn't been eating very well at all. He's been sick - just a cold - but with Nolan, a cold means that he can't hear and that he won't eat. At all. It makes for a grumpy boy. He went to school with no breakfast again this morning, and he's only been eating his orange and go-gurt at lunch. He ate nothing for dinner last night. I wish the cold would hurry up and go away, though colds linger with Nolan... it could be a month or more until this one disappears.

He has a hearing test on Monday, so hopefully the congestion will clear out before the test. He has tubes in his ears, so that helps immensely. I don't want any questions as to the reason behind any mysterious drops in hearing ability. Nolan has complained that his right ear isn't working, which is concerning. This is the ear that recently took a 20dB dive in the high frequencies, so we'll see what's happening there.

We have an October packed with activities:

October 5th: Enchanted Forest at the Audubon.
October 6th: Big birthday party celebration with a friend.
October 7th: Port Farms/pumpkin patch visit.
October 8th: Hearing test.
October 15th: ENT appointment.
October 25th: Travel to Washington, D.C.
October 28th: Dennis runs the Marine Corps Marathon.
October 29th: Drive home from D.C.
October 31st: Halloween parties at school and trick-or-treating.

The kids are extremely excited about all of the festivities and the upcoming travel. They are going to love riding the metro in D.C. and seeing the Smithsonians. Matt is particularly excited about the Air and Space Museum. Nolan just wants to ride the "underground train."

Here's to a fun October!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Love, love, love those adorable dimples and that cute smile :D Hope the cold clears up quickly!


Kyla said...

Here's to a super fun month without any medical drama! :)

dlefler said...

I love October. LOVE it!