Monday, October 11, 2010


Sorry about the lack of posts, but the weather has been absolutely stunning here lately. After three weeks of solid rain, we had warm temperatures and crystal clear skies. We've been outside playing, visiting farms, and collecting leaves. The boys absolutely loved visiting our local Port Farms, to play in the corn box. I'm just grateful we didn't lose a hearing aid in all of that corn!

We are gearing up for Nolan's bronchoscopy and fourth set of tubes tomorrow. He knows he has to go to the hospital tomorrow to "fix his ear," though he insists his ear is Not Sick. His nose has been running off and on, so the chances of fluid behind his eardrum are pretty good (especially since he had fluid when we saw the ENT a couple of weeks ago).

Hopefully the bronchoscopy will shed some light on why Nolan has such severe obstructive sleep apnea, so we can address the problem with the right solution.

Even though we've done this particular surgical dog-and-pony show before, I'll be glad when it is over and we can get back to "regular life." Going through the preparation and waiting on the 9th floor of Buffalo Children's is extremely anxiety provoking for Nolan, so keep us in your thoughts tomorrow! Hopefully this will be the last procedure for a long, long time.


rouchi said...

Your pictures come out fabulous and you put them up so well too.Well, it is sad but true, our kids need to remember much more and repetition is the key.We still have to see what we would get as trial HAs.Hope all good happens and you get these issues sorted out.All the best.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Glad you're enjoying such beautiful days - your pics are gorgeous :D

Praying for tomorrow,


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Let's hope and pray it's the last for a long long time! Good luck!

xraevision said...

I was wondering where you were! We are also having gorgeous autumn weather here. It's a great time to take photos and I love yours. My first thought when I saw all that corn was, "Oh no, what about the hearing aids?!!"

Best wishes for a smooth day tomorrow. I will definitely be thinking of you and Nolan and hoping for a positive update!

The Wednesday Poet said...

Sending prayers your way this morning.

We are having gorgeous weather in MN too. Almost eerily nice. We spent yesterday at the Zoo. Josh just started signing "dog" last week and so every animal at the Zoo was a "dog"--even the big grizzly!

Blessing to you Nolan . . .

Heidi (Mother Imperfect)

tammy said...

Good to hear the surgery wasn't postponed due to the nasty cold Nolan had and hoping results answer some questions.

This weather has been amazing and so glad you all are getting it too and able to enjoy the outdoors before the cold moves in.

Keeping you all in our prayers through the surgery!