Friday, February 27, 2009

A Waterpik- Who Knew?

I went into the pediatrician's office to get Nolan's ear cleaned out. I could have bought an over-the-counter kit, but I'm still nervous about "messing" with his ears. Turns out the pediatrician's office was less traumatic than going to the ENT in Buffalo. The ENT uses a pick and a vacuum to get everything out, while Nolan is strapped to a papoose board. Our pediatrician's office uses a... Waterpik. They're not just for teeth anymore!

Nolan still cried and hated it, but at least he was held on my lap and it wasn't as scary or as loud as the ENT equipment. They got most of the wax out and his eardrum is visible again. Now we'll see if he'll leave his hearing aids in for longer than 30 minute increments. Hey, there's always hope!

Update: the hearing aids were ripped out in less than 15 minutes. ARGH.


Julie said...

What a great idea... a waterpik! As long as they can run WARM water through it :0)

My word verification is:


Go figure :0)

Glad the wax is out!


Lucas'Mommy said...

Maybe he's rebelling from having his ears cleaned? Tomorrow's a new day!!!

leah said...

Luckily he has a small head. He may be wearing pilot caps until he starts college!

Anonymous said...

They need to make cool pilot caps for bigger kids, like a spider man cap or a star wars cap! Can you imagine it? The other kids would be so jealous!

Ethan is getting his molds for his Ci's on Monday. We're switching from the baby worn processor to the big boy ears so that he can utilize the FM system in his classroom. The molds aren't like the ones they make for HA's, but they still fill the ear somehow. I am worried about him pulling them off of course.

Julie said...

Oh my, this is odd.

I just checked back, reading about the water-pik. And the word verification is WATER.

Okay, I'll stop obsessing over WF now.

Good night :0)