Friday, June 27, 2008


Keeping those hearing aids in has become a full time job! With the weather getting hot and humid, the pilot caps have been put into early retirement- which leaves those ears exposed to curious fingers! Nolan doesn't mind his aids at all, but is in a major exploration phase and once he finds them, pulls them out and puts them into his mouth. I've thought about making this into a song for AVT:

"You take the left one out, I put the left one in!
You take the right one out, and you put it in your mouth!
We do the hokey pokey and we get those aids back in.
That's what its all about!"

Saliva makes a wonderful solvent for audiology glue, so the tubing frequently gets detached from the earmold. This causes the earmold to come loose from the aid and turns it into a choking hazard. To combat this, we've taken to using Krazy Glue. No, not on Nolan's ears (don't think I haven't thought about it), but on the earmold/tubing junction (not recommended unless you talk to your audi first- ours has given the OK to use it). At least the earmold doesn't separate from the hearing aid anymore, though we still don't have a solution for keeping those aids in his ears!

Anyway, we do have a new nursery rhyme that Nolan really loves:

"Round and Round the garden goes the little mouse.
Up up up he creeps into his little house!"

You circle the little tyke's belly button and say the first line, then creep your fingers up their bellies and tickle their necks for the second line.

In the Nolan vs. Mom with hearing aids battle, Mom comes out the winner every time!


Mom to Toes said...

hahaha! The Hearing Aid Pokey is the funniest thing I have ever heard!

You need to record that. You'd make a mint!

Laurie said...

How cute!

Once he gets used to the hearing aids, he will forget they are there.

You're doing great! Music and all!

Loudest Mom said...

I have definitely fought that fight :) Mom always wins, right? Great post :)

Val said...

I was never good w/the nursery rhymes. BTW, love the baby gate, do they make those for 7 yr olds? W/like a top on it too?

Megan said...

Keeping the aids in doesn't get easier, when Luca gets bored he takes them out and hands them to me.

Yesterday, I left the kids with Papi and when I came back Sophie had taken Luca's aids apart (does your oldest do this?) Sophie rarely does it, except when she's' been put off one too many times and she really wants your attention.

Anyway, we found the mold but no aid. Of course, the really expensive part is missing (never mind the $75 mold). We looked all over the house and then I remembered Luca and Sophie playing by the vent on the floor and taking it off early in the morning.

My husband double checked there again and low-and-behold the expensive little blue hearing aid had been thrown down the vent!

leahlefler said...

Oh, my Megan! We're lucky and Matthew has left Nolan's aids completely alone. So far, anyway! He has microwaved his remote control train (3 seconds totally fries circuit boards), thrown his toys out of his second story window, and eaten a coin all in the last month. Matt does look at Nolan's empty ears and say "ew." I think he's seen Nolan's ears with aids in them so often, that he thinks there is something weird about empty ears.

I'm not looking forward to toddlerhood with aids....

And Val, sadly I don't think they make a baby gate for seven year olds. Don't think I haven't looked. Always thinking of the future! LOL!